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Sat. May. 28 7:38 am



That's not justice. That's activism. And it has no business in a courtroom.

Just as Foster's supporters had faith that the criminal justice system would work, so must the rest of us now.

The criminal justice system should count itself very lucky that Philip S. West didn't take anyone else with him this week.

This is why victims and their loved ones aren't the decision-makers in such matters. And thank heaven for that.

We should measure his wait time before he's out the door. And it had better not be very long.

Guest Columns

I've been bombarded with headline after headline about the Republican Party's embarrassment of a presumptive presidential nominee.

Have we completely lost either the ability or desire to accommodate each other?

The Defense Waste Processing Facility is a hugely successful operation as demonstrated by two recent significant milestones.

Candidates are unwilling to address the steps necessary to reduce the national debt.

Gratitude can provide an enormous boost to happiness in people - both those who receive it and those who give it.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of modern-day emergency medical services.

Letters to the editor

Take a moment and remember the reason for this long weekend.

I thank Mr. McIntosh for all he did, above and beyond the call of duty to comfort and help an old lady who lost a very special little friend.

Let's take the action now to stop this foolishness.

Fixing the flaws will improve the appearance of south Augusta, and even may lead to an increase in population.

During this primary election cycle, you can say it has been exciting and different from anything we have ever seen. Maybe it will work out for the better.

Perhaps our community will awaken in time to stop this travesty. If not, the grass will someday grow again. But by then, none of us will be around to enjoy it.

We seem to use alcohol in more or less responsible fashion with certain controls.

It definitely is the legacy of my late uncle Ben Brush.

A Democrat socialist is still a Marxist just hiding under a different name.

When evil people conspire, good people need to join together for their common defense.