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Tue. Aug. 4 11:46 am


There's no lack of ideas to retool the program - only a lack of political will.


How can anyone expect her to follow the rules in the White House?

We not only concur completely with Mr. Lear, but we'd argue that the country's survival may depend on a renewal of civics.

There's no reason for any self-respecting conservative to break out the defibrillator now.

The truth, whether you're a citizen or an officer, will set you free.

There's no lack of ideas to retool the program - only a lack of political will.

Guest Columns

While we may be able to deny our problems to ourselves, they remain obvious to those working with us.

It will be a long hard pull, but nothing is impossible with God.

Try to forget about the old Tiger. Make a new start.

Taking the plunge can be the first step in realizing how vital and important clean water is to all of us.

We continue to lead this nation in results and delivering the department's important liquid waste mission.

We are talking about inclusion and equality - not special treatment.

Letters to the editor

As a conservative, I often wish we would go on the offense and insult the left as they do us, but that is not what we are!

But first, we must decide whose law demands our full attention - man's law? Or the law of the Creator of the Universe?

May the South rise again.

The line our city allowed him to cross must never be crossed again.

Quit insisting everyone in the world be all rainbows and magic dust to you and your "group."

Commissioners now have an extra $38,356 a day endlessly! Let the spending begin.

The organs that are taken and sold are human organs, removed in gruesome fashion from human beings.

The process in each party will decide the candidates.

Now might be the right time to renew our outward display of appreciation for living in a country.

May I suggest that when you enter the voting booth this time, vote for what God would want for our country.