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Tue. Oct. 21 6:15 am



The right ingredients are coming together. The CSRA is poised to become the nation's big brain for cyber security.

Jesse Stone wants to keep serving District 23, and he should.

Only one candidate is a career educator. Only one candidate fully embraces the concept of charter schools.

It's time for the county's residents to re-engage in their school system and make an investment in the community's future.

Shame on this Augusta Commission for continuing to preside over this scandal. Shame on this community if we allow them to any longer.

Guest Columns

It is remarkable that the CSRA is America's center of gravity in six arenas.

Unless Hardie Davis is willing to get down and dirty - a failure on Mayor Deke Copenhaver's part, I think - he will not be successful.

It is not complicated. After all, these are public schools we are talking about. It is the public's obligation to take care of them.

The Augusta Choral Society has begun to program repertoire that is more contemporary and dramatically appealing.

A successful cancer center is defined by being something more than the sum of all these parts.

As National Hispanic-American Heritage Month draws to a close Oct. 15, this column is to set some facts straight about my Spanish-speaking brothers.

Letters to the editor

Suddenly this no-cost-to-you stadium has become costly.

Please stand with me in voting for Rick Allen for Congress on Nov. 4.

This critical election, we must ask ourselves: Are we better off with the Democratic Party in control?

Certain parts of town are much worse than others, but all are a blight on the city.

I went to my local area bank and expressed my concerns.

From a dollars-and-cents perspective, the 1-cent tax increase makes no sense.

We all must strive to make Paine College an enduring fixture in this community.

Now is not the time for a 1 percent increase in our sales tax, which I think actually is much higher.

I suggest underpaid workers get themselves and as many of their friends as they can to the polls Nov. 4, and vote for candidates who would give them raises.

The fact is that ISIS is no threat to our great country.