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Wed. Apr. 1 5:09 pm



The United States has long been considered the leader of the free world. How much longer will we be able to make that claim?

When the Obama administration says "trust us" on Iran, it's easy to see why so many Americans and Israelis do the opposite.

Democrats in Congress are just as concerned as the GOP about Obama's propensity to give away the store in Iran.

There's a difference between being civil and being docile.

Look at all the problems in the world, all the challenges in this country. You sit on the sidelines, you lose.

Guest Columns

Peace be with you all, even and especially to those who will take me to task.

The new program not only will meet its projected targets but also significantly exceed them.

A friendly, welcoming public image will build relationships that will improve animal welfare.

President Obama is the strongest national political figure who could, and should, lead a drive to restore our once-proud heritage of personal responsibility.

Our schools, pre-kindergarten through college, must be in lockstep and must not skip a beat in preparing our students for world-class job opportunities.

Religion can help us live better lives! Why would anyone want to prevent that?

Letters to the editor

Jesus Christ ever lives to make intercessions. Doesn't sound like He's too busy to me.

Tiger Woods may, when his career is over, rightfully be remembered as the greatest golfer who ever lived.

They have totally lost their moral compass.

Why do these actions cause people to think the commander-in-chief puts ideology and politics before America's security?

Hap Harris is a proven quantity and Augusta needs a man with his experience.

Considering all that's been done, the city of North Augusta has been a good steward of the environment.

Tiger Woods has yet to complete his masterpiece.

Perhaps Obama could end the war on terrorism by giving the radicals an earned income tax credit?

We have been needlessly sacrificing the lives of our young in tactics that can only be described as abject stupidity.

The results would be either slowing traffic to a crawl or causing some traffic to avoid this street altogether.