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Fri. Apr. 29 11:48 am
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Whatever faults Donald Trump carries with him, he also carries the hopes and dreams of millions of disaffected, disenfranchised and disgusted Americans.

Christians are compelled to peace and are commanded to turn the other cheek. But that does not mean our cheeks need to spin like turnstiles.

We don't need black-robed armchair commissioners, CEOs and so on.

It's a system of achieving political power that, right now, is as competitive as we've ever seen it.

An entire generation of music fans is mourning, forever touched by his profound influence.

Guest Columns

If you are a man older than age 50 and you have not had your PSA tested, I urge you to speak with your doctor about being screened.

This is not only a moral issue but also a legal one.

I rail against myself for not speaking up sooner for my neighbors and friends who are struggling in the community I love.

To continue educating those who need it most, we need funds from alumni, friends of the college and the CSRA community.

We need to act quickly, thoughtfully and effectively before more poorly conceived, heavy-handed regulations are imposed upon us.

Consumers and investors are badly in need of financial education.

Letters to the editor

See what President Nixon started?

Like many Americans, I really wish we had better choices in 2016, but with the two oldest presidential contenders since Ronald Reagan, it might just come down to survival of the fittest.

History has a way of repeating itself.

He shares the same conservative values of the voters of his district.

The Republicans always could count on nine votes from the Lennox family, but not this time.

How sad that we have devolved to this.

It's important Bill Jackson is replaced with a competent, honest leader.

This is just another way for Obama to push his socialist agenda.

I wonder if the person who wrote the negative remarks about retired military veterans ever served in the armed forces.

Is being a poor steward of taxpayer dollars just how government works?