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Sat. May. 30 4:14 am



Perhaps the state is making it too easy to get on probation, and too difficult to get off.

They never should've been victimized in death the way they apparently were.

This is still a republic, thank God, should we be able to keep it.

Excuse us, but didn't that used to comprise high treason?

In effect, the NSA spying protocol says, "Everyone is a suspect whenever they pick up a phone."

Guest Columns

I now believe that Europe and the United States face the potential threat of Chechen extremism.

The principal must receive specialized, expert-level training before assuming this magnificent leadership task.

Carl Sanders "projected for Georgia a national image of responsibility, integrity and vision."

Your legacy is defined by the impact you have on the lives of others after you are gone

These songs were recorded 44 years ago, but what he sung about then is truly relevant today.

There are so many more stories untold at Paine.

Letters to the editor

The reality on the ground would repay another look.

Write, call, object. Be loud. Let them call a meeting now.

Is there any information about what North Augusta and Augusta have done to investigate this issue?

While it appears our city is visionless, other cities have picked up the ball and are running with it.

When we talk about taxation in our country, let's not forget the basis for taxes.

To say nothing will change is shortsighted.

Let's hope that this commission chooses a way forward that preserves our community.

I am against killing - unless the alternative is death - but soldiers, preparedness and awful weaponry is necessary for a civilized society.

I commemorate National Time Out Day with a public commitment to my patients, their loved ones and the entire surgical community.

This is a fight Rotarians are committed to! You can help!