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Thu. Jan. 29 5:11 am



It's an option. Doctors aren't prescribing Big Macs.

It appears as if the government is attempting to use a new technology to sidestep an old constitutional protection, the Fourth Amendment.

Law-abiding citizens absolutely have the God-given right to defend themselves.

We understand the desire of the president to reach Americans in new ways. But even in 2015, the best way to reach the most number of people is still through the news media.

If people were a little more ashamed about being in jail, perhaps society would have fewer people ending up there.

Guest Columns

During February, visit a Rotary Club. See what grew from that first meeting in Chicago so long ago.

As the economy appears to be improving, it may be easy to forget there are individuals in the CSRA who are barely getting by.

Before we can fight world terror, change must begin within our families, within our communities and within our places of worship. More importantly, it must begin within ourselves.

Ironically, the same Christian faith that Dr. King exhibited is again under attack in the South.

Our state legislators should waste no time passing legislation that protects their constituents against this federal overreach.

Let us not go down this path any further. Let free speech reign, and let's honor those who die for its cause

Letters to the editor

They are all conservative Republicans, part of the party that has been a friend of African-Americans from its founding until today.

If you are in law enforcement you should be a public servant, and everyone matters.

It's morally indefensible. Prisoners deserve as much dignity as can be afforded while incarcerated.

Don't we know now that single-issue voting is counterproductive if we want the right-of-center to win?

I can only hope Michael Moore's intent is a reverse psychological ploy.

The president and the country have survived, and history will honor him.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the great atmosphere of downtown.

I'm recommending 10 more books.

As soon as the balls were taken to the field, the air inside the balls reduced to the temperature of the field.

Am I the only one who sees this as an issue that likely could be resolved with a little bit of common sense, insight and effort?