Mobile Augusta

Sun. Dec. 21 10:43 am



There's nothing stopping a growing mid-sized city such as Augusta from blazing new trails in technology.

We have no doubt the good doctor will inject his personal politics into the nation's health agenda.

There are 1 billion Muslims in the world. If Islam is truly the "religion of peace," they need to prove it.

It may be time for this sharp change in tactics.

The world has changed. Vladimir Putin can no longer impose his will on it.

Guest Columns

There is no metro area that can match the rich mixture of equine events that we have here in the CSRA.

I encourage you to join me in ensuring the continued success of USC Aiken in serving our veteran and military students.

I recently had the pleasure of playing host to the Augusta Partnership for Children annual meeting and Visionary Awards dinner.

The downtown economy is still fragile and does not need the chaos, real or perceived, of parking meters.

Perhaps by stretching your minds out to the future, you may be able to make better strategic decisions.

While it is difficult to conceive of politicians voluntarily relinquishing their power to micromanage our economy, I remain optimistic.

Letters to the editor

Is the White House playing childish games with the American people?

The police are there to protect and serve, and this officer did both. I thank him from the bottom of my heart, and merry Christmas!

To love as God loves is to meet another where they are - not insist that they come to where you are.

People are going to push too much, and then things will really get bad.

To have any chance of surviving the ongoing war on terror, we'll have to stop denying the identity of the enemy who walks among us.

The downtown economy is still fragile and does not need the chaos, real or perceived, of parking meters.

Inhumanity anywhere threatens humanity everywhere, and inhumanity does not deserve immunity.

An apology is in order. It should come from the female Three Stooges sent to Washington by the voters in California.

If parents took more responsibilities for rearing their children, we all would be better off.

I see the governor's hand in this. Certainly he favors his own.