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Mon. Oct. 5 10:16 am



The so-called constitutional concept of "separation of church and state" is a myth created by the left - the phrase is nowhere in the Constitution.

We're confident in the department moving forward. But it wouldn't hurt for the department to add to that confidence.

As good as body cameras are, they don't tell the entire story.

Increasing the number of magnet schools is a no-brainer solution to boosting enrollment and improving academic performance in Richmond County.

Where's the "common sense" in always putting the laser-beam focus on the killer's weapon instead of his motive?

Guest Columns

We will do well if his successor conducts himself in the same principled way.

We pledge our support to veterans and the community to continuously improve with the goal of service and health-care excellence.

She is, in short, running for all the right reasons.

I hope you will agree that all of us need to work together to promote, protect and defend religious freedom, political freedom and economic freedom.

New representation will ensure those of us in District 123 will have a strong voice in the future.

This is broken into three categories: As, Bs and Cs.

Letters to the editor

No one can take your country without the people allowing it.

This is not just the compassionate thing to do - it is the only sensible economic path forward.

Augusta's university has a strong commitment to its faculty, students and researchers.

Which candidate can solve these basic issues?

One should never underestimate the spirit and compassion of the good people in the Augusta area.

If they do not resign, then Augusta voters should remember their failure and vote them out of their jobs.

Whom do you trust to select the most effective research techniques; the renowned scientists at MCG, or some political hack from Washington, D.C.?

Trump, Carson and Fiorina must keep up the good fight - as long as they don't fight among themselves.

He should end the practice in choosing bills while ignoring the minority party.

Using all of our connections, we can fight hunger and build a stronger community.