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Sun. Nov. 29 12:34 pm



If you want responsive, fresh-eyed leadership for a county in bloom, these two are it.

We're all in this together.

Secure the border, stop the refugee wave and make good on your promise to destroy ISIS - then maybe you can consider some kind of lecture.

In the most prayerful way we know how, we exclaim: God, we've got it so good!

So much for leading by example.

Guest Columns

Learning to lead is a journey. I wish you the best!

I offer several recommendations to ponder, for expedient execution.

The program isn't - and shouldn't be - blindly obligated to provide no-questions-asked outdoor advertising to any participants.

This is a splendid time to count our blessings and to be generous.

Check out what we offer and see what's in the works. I'm sure you'll be as amazed and impressed as I have been.

Cruz continues to show his depth. He can be the candidate who can respond and relate to everyone!

Letters to the editor

Not having a president is hampering support of the college, financially and otherwise.

Obama knows precisely what he is doing.

The United States electorate does not need the big liar to lead us. We know better.

Remember: It is a societal problem, not just a financial issue.

It always is a great loss to humanity when any life is lost as a result of terrorism.

We at the Georgia Ornithological Society have been encouraging birders to purchase duck stamps for 10 years.

They don't care how hurtful it is to me. I am just someone who abides by the law, minds my own business, and pays my taxes.

You've given yourselves the mistaken authority to decide what should and should not be covered in our news.

Stars should be on the left per the U.S. Code.

Wouldn't it be better to withhold rankings until late October after teams have shown what they actually can do?