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Tue. Sep. 16 12:48 am



The party is desperate to bring a Democrat - any Democrat - back to Washington.

What you are seeing is nothing less than a corrupt and lawless regime attempting to cover its tracks.

Most ethics reforms come as a political response to scandal. By that measure, there may have been ample scandal to bring significant reforms.

The Internet is neither "broke" nor in need of "fixing" by anyone - especially the federal government.

Americans at least should be assured their leader is doing something, and pray he is committed to win.

Guest Columns

Politicians' claims for MOX's advantages do not seem verifiable.

It is coming in vogue to criticize the Federal Reserve System's monetary stimulus as doing little for economic recovery, but much to increase stock prices.

If the CEO is not committed to an institutionalized planning process, he or she likely will become merely a caretaker.

Should Paine expect removal of accreditation status? Certainly not!

Welcome to Augusta - home of the Masters Tournament and Augusta's animal prison.

While you may not agree with the mission of groups that support church-state separation, in this case they have a valid point.

Letters to the editor

Needful women are going to get abortions anyway; it is up to us as a society to make sure they can get them safely.

Is this what happens to us as a society when we allow the courts to take God from us?

The Cold War is raging again, thanks to our own president's inability to manage foreign relations.

In my view, it's reluctance to move with the times. Excessive religiosity. Intolerance for other faiths. Bad governance

We don't have to worry about an outcry from American Muslims.

Why build a monstrosity that will have to be looked at for years down the road?

If for no other reason, it should appear to others that you have respect for the office you hold.

Just saw another one of those anti-Rick Allen commercials sponsored by the Democratic National Congressional Committee.

To totally eradicate this stupidity, it will take Father Time and the course of nature - the death of immutable old fools.

Redirect your taxes to stay local, and help children in the CSRA get a great education.