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Wed. Apr. 23 5:11 am



Does that sound like extortion and indentured servitude? It does to us.

There's a perception that clamping down on access and information will shoo us away like itinerant pests.

Free speech protects folks in their misguided promotion of legal marijuana. But co-opting the joy of Easter to help make such a flawed point is beyond poor taste.

City officials are moving smartly to use $1.5 million in new "T-SPLOST" monies to give the bridge an extreme makeover.

The government has a much bigger problem on its hands than a few head of hungry cattle.

Guest Columns

Lawmakers should fix the pre-funding fiasco they created, so the national treasure that is the Postal Service can continue to serve the public.

The Augusta Warrior Project is not just a triumph of community organization, but a striking example of shared discretion.

I cannot change yesterday, but I can favorably or positively have an impact on tomorrow.

The GRU Cancer Center isn't just the people who work here on a day-to-day basis. It's all of us.

This creeping, and sometimes explosive, expansion of federal power leads thoughtful people to worry about the means to employ to curb it.

Letters to the editor

You have now hit a new low in journalistic integrity.

We look forward to the day that our community in Columbia County will embrace the excellence that Davidson represents.

I can hardly wait to see and hear the next new round of buzzwords and distractions from the Democrats.

If you want a professional public servant who knows how to bring people together for the good of the group, then Helen Blocker-Adams is the only choice.

Mike Stake is the best choice for the District 2 seat on the Aiken County Council.

On May 6, the Augusta Commission is voting on an ordinance to help create a healthier Augusta.

April is Donate Life Month, and I encourage those who have not yet done so to sign up on Georgia's organ donor registry

Women in the military should realize that looking good does not save lives, but adhering to rules and training does.

Yes, it seems that the dystopian society slowly is coming into existence.

Far too often we hear or read of the undesirable actions of an officer.