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Sat. Oct. 1 6:12 pm



Good for the judge. But it's a little disappointing that 21 years or 30 years is "the utmost extent of the law."

Let's keep our minds focused on the issues of the day, even if the media cannot.

Capitalism, in short, is not in fashion. You would think the capitalists would figure that out and clean up their act.

Facing facts should apply to everybody, and the candidates Monday were held to two very different standards.

Call him the general of Arnie's Army. Call him an ideal ambassador for the game of golf. But no title better fits him, unreservedly, than the King.

Guest Columns

It is time for voters in Georgia to make a goal-line stand to end gerrymandering.

The RACE for Children Act can help multiply the impact of our dollars so we can pay forward the gift of time.

Trust in all directions leads to good chemistry that leads to a virtuous circle, which leads to outstanding results.

The teacher (the youth-builder and the future's sustainer) has been the center of admiration and respect in the eyes of children.

Make your donation today at augusta.edu/igive.

The military regime, through a zealous censorship policy, bears significant responsibility for the horrible civilian carnage.

Letters to the editor

She apparently has decided only she knows who God is capable of saving.

We as believers in American capitalism must elect Donald Trump for president of the United States of America.

I'm sure she means well, but I hope she expands her reading and thinking.

The government has become so corrupt, anything goes.

Without Trump, our constitutional republic with democratic influences will be no more.

How can we even hope for a different future if we don't work together?

A good education is a vital necessity in a democratic society.

We can build up or we can tear down.

Stop being trapped by voting 90-95 percent Democrat.

Maybe a good place to start is to share.