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Thu. Oct. 27 2:44 am



By all rights, they should be made to pay for it at the polls, every bit as much as Obamacare's unwary customers are.

Thank goodness we passed the Transportation Investment Act.

If there were ever good cause to wear throwback uniforms, it’s at tonight’s World Series Game 1.

It's that spirit of brotherhood that defines us.

If enough of us aren't informed and involved, there really is something to worry about.

Guest Columns

Do Georgians really want a two-pronged educational system in which we segregate our poorest, most economically disadvantaged children?

The problem is Trump's hyperbole is predominantly not truthful, and he seems not to know or care when it isn't.

This brain-enhancing academic art needs to be ushered into the present and the future.

I pray all of us will grow to maturity and put away childish ways.

Donald Trump may not be universally loved, but he is respected.

These close relationships will lead to hundreds of interactions that will benefit our community for many years.

Letters to the editor

It appears her version of fighting for children doesn't seem to have worked.

Yes, Donald Trump has made some crude comments about women, but this pales in comparison to Hillary Clinton.

He has done a great job, but his work is not completed.

Support family values and vote with me for these fine people Nov. 8.

I don't want to hear complaining from anyone who wastes a vote like this.

Sorry, Hillary haters. Hillary Clinton will be our next president!

The taxpayers of Richmond County should demand that it be built properly this time.

Do not support a third-party or write-in candidate. That is wasting your vote. And pray!

I believe that each of these broadcast companies should be renamed.

We've actually never been more united, for all the right reasons, and I have never been prouder!