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Mon. Jul. 28 8:15 am



One can only hope she, and others lured by false liberal promises, won't get fooled again.

Foreign cultures - the language, the foods, the music, the traditions - are worth protecting. Your own is worth protecting too.

This nation's leaders have taken $20 trillion from Americans to fund welfare programs since 1964, when President Lyndon Johnson declared "war on poverty."

Truly, it doesn't have to happen this way.

George Orwell overlooked the horrifying possibility that we could be the thought cops ourselves.

Guest Columns

We need vast "structural reform." But our current policies move us in the opposite direction.

The public, government regulators or even the health-care community have no clear understanding of what the consequences of e-cigarettes might be.

Georgia Military College is a great place to learn and to grow.

Georgia deserves a responsible discussion on how to balance federal revenues and spending. We haven't heard one yet.

Government discourse has gotten way too contentious - and personal.

How many more casualties must the drug war claim before public officials finally agree that enough is enough?

Letters to the editor

I think back 35 to 40 years ago when the late George Fisher entertained us on radio station WGAC in the morning.

I support the EPA's new standards, which would reduce carbon emissions and pollution, and give all of us in Georgia a cleaner, brighter future.

What's happening? What does he care about?

This political agenda engenders and foments a diabolical hatred of the Israelis.

The good things they say about the United States when it was created are not true.

Goodwill's primary concern is our community; the people we serve; and our shoppers and donors.

Why doesn't the paper take a poll and see how many like Woods and how many do not, and let's go from there?

It's no wonder there were very few people voting Tuesday!

The only clear morality here is that we as a nation should end aid to all countries in the region.

David Perdue is highly motivated as a political outsider. This is a great opportunity for the State of Georgia to step up and make a difference.