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Sat. Apr. 19 6:02 am



Deal has handed his critics a big club that they can use constantly between now and election day.

A clampdown on headlight flashers sends the message that police put revenue generation ahead of public safety.

As for setting "a better example," Watson already does an exemplary job of that, thank you.

Shouldn't there be a kind of "freedom starter kit" that free nations can provide to new countries such as Ukraine?

Good Samaritans are in short supply. We don't need to scare off the few we have left.

Guest Columns

I cannot change yesterday, but I can favorably or positively have an impact on tomorrow.

The GRU Cancer Center isn't just the people who work here on a day-to-day basis. It's all of us.

This creeping, and sometimes explosive, expansion of federal power leads thoughtful people to worry about the means to employ to curb it.

I hope it's a great Masters this year and a good week for Augusta. It's always nice to get back home.

I invite you to come out to a beautiful golf course, watch some excellent golf and support a good cause.

Letters to the editor

Women in the military should realize that looking good does not save lives, but adhering to rules and training does.

Yes, it seems that the dystopian society slowly is coming into existence.

Far too often we hear or read of the undesirable actions of an officer.

I wish Gov. Nikki Haley would look into this office, because something fishy is going on at the DNR.

I have not had a more pleasant experience than when I visited Augusta to view a practice round at the Masters Tournament.

If we allow ourselves to be sheep then the shearing is coming soon. Lamb chops anyone?

While local commissions have discretion over SPLOST funding, I do not believe it was meant to support outside nongovernmental agencies.

In a little-noticed outcome of President Obama's Affordable Care Act, jails and prisons nationwide are signing up inmates for health insurance under the law.

How did shutting out half of the counties from the possibility of a penny sales tax to greatly help the schools ever make sense?

The Framers gave us something much better than a democracy - they gave us a republic.