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Tue. Aug. 30 2:50 pm



We'd be more confident if government would set a tone more conducive to commerce.

At the very least, the community should have her back - and so should her company.

Does anyone really believe she and her team used a cutting-edge software program to erase all traces of e-mails about yoga classes?

If the new indictments ring true - and the indicted actually show up as ordered - perhaps the cycle can be stopped.

This is hardly the time to "go wobbly," as Britain's Margaret Thatcher supposedly said to George H.W. Bush.

Guest Columns

There are benefits we gain from foreign competition, if even a little unfair.

America cannot have an uninformed, intellectually lazy, thin skinned, hip-shooting demagogue in charge of our nuclear arsenal.

Success with this feedforward technique requires courage, humility and discipline.

I will side with the candidate determined to return all Americans to prosperity.

Parents in Augusta and the CSRA deserve very special thanks.

My party is appealing - but only when we learn to relate to the new generation of voters.

Letters to the editor

Judge Roper should look hard at this case again and come to his senses!

She has no morals, honor or integrity.

I do not want to work for the government and neither do my friends. The government was intended to work for us.

It is time to let real-world experience replace failed ideology.

Voters have a serious obligation to vote for the individual best suited.

These parks of grandeur are what really makes America great!

She destroyed the feminist movement by not only tolerating Bill's reported sexual assaults and affairs, but working to destroy his "bimbos" (her term).

Let us stop this insanity, and expect excellence and leadership from our school board.

It is unfortunate that people will vote in the presidential election for the politician who offers the largest bribe.

The two presidential wannabes after my vote must detail how they would tackle this.