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Thu. Jul. 24 12:51 pm



Let it be Georgia that helps turn this ship around with a solid Perdue victory in November.

The humanitarian crisis along the southern border being stoked by the Obama administration soon may become a public health crisis for the rest of the nation.

It's an important triple benefit for Georgia and South Carolina.

Our community is full of qualified professionals who want to save Paine, and the institution's doors should be thrown open wide to provide that opportunity.

Decades ago, the media threw all its energy into bringing down the Nixon administration for merely considering things the Obama administration is actually doing.

Guest Columns

Georgia Military College is a great place to learn and to grow.

Georgia deserves a responsible discussion on how to balance federal revenues and spending. We haven't heard one yet.

Government discourse has gotten way too contentious - and personal.

How many more casualties must the drug war claim before public officials finally agree that enough is enough?

The first person to tell the story of Japanese atrocities was an Army Air Corps pilot named Ed Dyess.

On a deeper level, the race illustrates a fundamental disagreement over the purpose of education and over who, rightly, should be in charge.

Letters to the editor

Why doesn't the paper take a poll and see how many like Woods and how many do not, and let's go from there?

It's no wonder there were very few people voting Tuesday!

The only clear morality here is that we as a nation should end aid to all countries in the region.

David Perdue is highly motivated as a political outsider. This is a great opportunity for the State of Georgia to step up and make a difference.

He didn't tell us socialism/communism would be part of his promise to fundamental change to America, but many understood this anyway.

The Democrat Party has convinced blacks that Republicans are bigots, biased and prejudiced against any race other than Caucasian, which they are not.

The border crisis offers yet another opportunity to create even bigger government.

Evangelicals have made a lot of mistakes. But if your editorial staff cannot grasp what evangelicals are about, you are part of the problem.

Religion frequently makes people's rights contingent on how they are born and what they believe.

Be halfway fair in that kind of editorial. We know a lie when we see one, on both sides of the aisle.