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Sun. Nov. 23 4:58 pm



Dr. Azziz's handling of his job, and mishandling of the community, is a matter of record - a record that, for good or ill, will follow him to any job interview.

If this act stands, historians may point to Nov. 20 as the day the republic was lost.

The future of this country depends entirely on our interest and involvement.

What a sad, demeaning diminishment of the once-staid United States Senate.

Arguably the surest way for peace to occur is for Palestinian leaders to choose it.

Guest Columns

Time has expired. What we do now in education must matter - and it must produce results.

We are moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to one that respects the desire of parents to choose.

Today, we have made strides, but in many cases, our society continues to set aside people with disabilities.

These suggested minimum-wage hikes will adversely affect employment of unskilled workers, those that society aims to help.

Fairness, however defined, is the principal motive behind the ubiquitous effort to reduce inequalities.

Too much blame is placed on the teacher for the poor ratings in educational advancement, as compared to other industrialized nations.

Letters to the editor

What we need is not someone giving us the stale right-wing warning, but someone who reads and knows history.

If I would have seen that, I probably would have cried, too.

I would not like to be stuck in a small cage, and neither would any animal.

Anyone found guilty should be sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The animals should have better living-condition rights.

Animals were on Earth far longer than we were, so let's give them proper living conditions

I think the federal Animal Welfare Act should not harm the animals, or let the animals live such hard lives.

It is good what Andrea Fuchs, the woman in the article, is doing to help out animals.

People should pay less, so those people can save more money for their children for later on in life.

Will we build temporary apartments for all of them to stay in for shelter?