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Sun. Apr. 19 1:29 pm



If there's evidence the pipeline will increase competition, decrease prices or create permanent jobs in Georgia, we haven't seen it.

We should expect more civility and dignity from this nation's highest leaders.

The best anti-poverty program is, and always has been, a job.

Be careful - be very careful - whom you look up to, and why.

Local judges have taken an underperforming - indeed, scandalized - program and made it better.

Guest Columns

Be one of thousands of Augusta advocates and ask our local and federal leaders to make serious changes.

Help us realize our vision by serving even more of our community's children.

The final agreement must be judged on the basis of whether it is a solid barrier to the further proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East and globally.

Here's hoping both words are applied in the best possible ways. Our critical infrastructure depends on it.

Volunteers not only "get it," they are it. They are part of the organization, totally committed.

Alex and her family will always be champions of faith.

Letters to the editor

We need to stand our ground, voice our opinion, call our members of Congress and pray to God for intervention.

Where does one get off calling someone a bigot who would simply not be forced to violate their consciences?

Do you know you can leave a legacy that will impact countless people?

We at Goodwill are thankful for volunteers' service year-round.

If I was the head of a Mideast nation, I would begin building nukes ASAP.

The purpose of this letter is to voice an inability to understand what could possibly be gained by such action.

As Bob Dylan, the folk-poet of a generation, said many years ago: "Money doesn't talk - it swears."

Don't give her the keys to Air Force One. We need a reset - no new Democratic president.

This deceitful pathological liar isn't qualified to run for dogcatcher.

A vote for Sean today is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve.