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Sun. Oct. 26 4:22 am



A free republic depends entirely on an educated, engaged populace.

Please elect Charlie Hannah and re-elect Venus Cain.

There is no meaningful transaction that can be made today where proof of identity is not required, and voting certainly is among the most meaningful of transactions.

How will Canadians respond? And will the rest of the freedom-loving world stand with them?

Please re-elect Casey Cagle for a third term as lieutenant governor Nov. 4.

Guest Columns

A potential downside to this new rule is that it may help sustain the atmosphere for not dealing with the permanent storage issue.

We appreciate the support of our state and our community in this and all our endeavors.

The Morris Museum of Art exemplifies a particular kind of museum - the "museum of community service"

I've had it with our federal government's obfuscation over the Ebola threat.

I'm looking for someone who will talk about my money and understands why this is important to me.

It is remarkable that the CSRA is America's center of gravity in six arenas.

Letters to the editor

He is smart, well-educated, experienced, a man of integrity and a great advocate for us.

Have we imprisoned ourselves, thinking that we cannot change this?

Too many young black students are more interested in peer approval than in the pride of achievements.

Suddenly this no-cost-to-you stadium has become costly.

Please stand with me in voting for Rick Allen for Congress on Nov. 4.

This critical election, we must ask ourselves: Are we better off with the Democratic Party in control?

Certain parts of town are much worse than others, but all are a blight on the city.

I went to my local area bank and expressed my concerns.

From a dollars-and-cents perspective, the 1-cent tax increase makes no sense.

We all must strive to make Paine College an enduring fixture in this community.