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Fri. Oct. 31 4:28 pm



Georgia simply doesn't need liberal leadership, under any name or wrapped in any moderate-looking sheep's clothing.

All the military-style hardware at law enforcement's fingertips is worthless - and dangerous - if any of the men behind the badges are "juiced."

Smith is civically rounded and spiritually grounded. Please vote to re-elect him to House District 125 on Nov. 4.

At worst, Clinton secretly shares the kind of radical, anti-business leanings harbored by the nation's current chief executive.

Something major has changed the way some troubled young men deal with emotional anguish. And clearly, it's not the girls or the guns.

Guest Columns

Please vote "yes" to help support this opportunity for better lives for people with disabilities in this community and throughout Georgia.

A potential downside to this new rule is that it may help sustain the atmosphere for not dealing with the permanent storage issue.

We appreciate the support of our state and our community in this and all our endeavors.

The Morris Museum of Art exemplifies a particular kind of museum - the "museum of community service"

I've had it with our federal government's obfuscation over the Ebola threat.

I'm looking for someone who will talk about my money and understands why this is important to me.

Letters to the editor

Those who have not already voted have a choice for the U.S. Senate. One choice is David Perdue.

Whenever you see these ads, you assess for yourself their accuracy.

Rick Allen has a heart of gratitude, and wants to continue to give back to a community that he is devoted to.

The public should demand a plan to improve our children's education before spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new construction.

Vote "no" Nov. 4 on the increase in the sales tax and the ability to borrow money on that ability.

Let's not put the cart before the horse. This November, vote "no" on the 1-cent sales tax.

Our choice is clear - vote to re-elect Gov. Deal on Nov. 4.

If you want real change in Washington, please join me in voting for Rick W. Allen for Congress on Nov. 4.

We can do this in Augusta, too! An alive city is a happy place for all its citizens.

When a congressional election rolls around, many people call for term limits, yet nothing ever happens.